Diversified Exclusivism, aka God Bless Texas

My dad being a Highway Patrolman for over thirty years, has probably read just about every bumper sticker there is to read.  I myself generally ignore them unless my interest is greatly piqued.  When driving down our local Highway 190 just a few days ago, I could not help but notice this particular bumper sticker:


This image touting religious and ideological harmony was made famous a few years ago when Bono decided to wear a headband with the original three images including the crescent for Islam, the star of David for Judaism and the cross for Christianity. 

Naturally, I assume the person driving this car thinks that religious belief has caused havoc in the world and would prefer a more peaceful “co-existance” among all adherants to whatever belief system one seems to find appealing, as long as he or she is quiet about it.

The next bumper sticker on this said bumper was the classic:


With this I was assured of this person’s hope for world unity and peace and prospertity without the particuarlism and biases that have plauged humanity from the beginning.

Finally, the clincher. . . the bumper sticker that assured me this person had no biases, no hate in his or her heart, no leanings, convictions, or otherwise exclusive bone in his or her body:



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