Dirty feet and a pedegg Savior, or Theology of the towel

Washing feet has to be one of the craziest things Jesus ever did.
Spending a while attempting to smooth out my rough and smelly feet with a pedegg got me to contemplating this strange feat of a moment in the earthly ministry of God.

My filthy and caloused feet are presently the result of a long summer of flip flop wearing. How much grosser must have been the muddied, caloused, donkey pooped, sandled feet of Bartholomew. John the Baptist said he was unworthy to even remove Jesus’ sandals and here the Son of man is washing feet.

Pastor – How do I preach better Lord?
Jesus- clip some toenails
Pastor- they don’t seem to hear my forty five minutes of Biblical verse by verse exposition
Jesus- Clean a toilet
Pastor- I have to wait for them to leave to turn out lights and lock doors
Jesus- get there early unlock em and fix a pot of coffee
Pastor- I hear you Jesus, but tomorrow they will not care who I am, and they won’t acknowledge me in public and this guy Brother Jud has all but stuck a knife in my back.
Jesus- wash their feet, take them out to eat and pay for it

A few years back I heard a sermon from Dr. Robert Smith on the passage in John 13. He called it the Theology of the Towel. What if we made ourselves available not with (as he said) a title, but a towel?


One thought on “Dirty feet and a pedegg Savior, or Theology of the towel

  1. Well put John. To take a broader look at it, not just in the church, but in all walks of life it is important to remember that there are times to stand and lead, and times to serve your neighbor.

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