Remembering Fort Hood


“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.” – Matthew 5:4

When tragedy befell those stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas just five days ago, many Americans were numb to the horrific nature of the event, though some were not.  We live in a day where tragedy of this nature is almost common place enough that its indelible impact can sometimes have the effect of disappearing ink.  However, we must endeavor to take it upon ourselves to mourn this event with fervency.  When the lives of servicemen and women are taken intentionally by someone wearing the same uniform, the mental anguish, sorrow, and questioning will never really dissipate, but will only be quelled by time and the understanding of these brave men and women that things happen in the line of duty. 

Today, amidst my prayers for the fallen and their families, I will also be remembering Chaplains in the United States Military, who are the servicemen and women who bear the brunt of such a tragedy in unequivocal ways.  Among these today is a family friend, Jason, who I believe is the kind of man that God has called to a particular station in life and has generously gifted for just such a time as this.  He has coordinated Chaplains’ efforts in the days most immediately following the tragedy and will also be escorting one of the mourning families today during the official memorial services.  I do not envy his role today, the previous days, or the days to come, but I thank the Lord that He has provided this brother when he is needed most.

One of the greatest things I learned in my time in Seminary is that there are times where the correct answer is, “I don’t know.”  I feel like in situations such as these, this is the only answer we have.  We can discuss in classrooms and over coffee all we want about God’s greater purposes, omniscience, and glory, but for today, let us mourn with those who mourn, and thank Him for His love, compassion, open arms, and mercy while we pray for the gift of forgiveness, and remember our friend Jason as he serves his country, but even more so today as he serves his Savior.


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