Idol Killing Starts Early

So Abraham rose early in the morning, saddled his donkey, and took two of his young men with him, and his son Isaac.-  Gen. 22:3

The hardest day of Abraham’s life, he got up early.  The Lord asked of him, that he would take his only son to Mt. Moriah and sacrifice his greatest idol.  This is perhaps one of the most famous stories of the Bible, which has been alluded to countless times and even finds its way into contemporary culture in shows like Smallville and Alias.  It’s hard to imagine what Abraham must have felt when God asked of him the one thing on earth that he truly treasured.  One could even speculate that Abraham had not gotten up early but had instead “wrestled” all night, and as soon as conceivable to wake his son and servants, having already saddled the donkey and prepared everything that had to be taken on the journey, hollowly telling his son it was time to go. 

When the Lord requires something of us, do we rise to meet Him? Idol killing starts early in the day.  We must, like Abraham, rise to meet and embrace what it will take to rid our hearts of those things which hinder us from worship, trusting that the Lord will keep His promises.


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