Palm Sunday’s Undoing

“Give thanks to the God of heaven,
for his steadfast love endures forever. ” – Psalm 136:26 

Matthew 26:30 says that they sang a hymn and went to the Mount of Olives.  They most likely sang Psalm 136, recounting the wondrous deeds of the Lord and proclaiming with each statement the refrain, “His Steadfast (or Covenant) Love Endures Forever!”. The Mount of Olives is the same place where Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  In a sense, He is retracing His steps to begin again.  In the garden, He is betrayed.  Then, “with the joy that is set before Him. .  .” He goes to the Cross.  Instead of riding in on a donkey and being lauded, He is drug in with chains, smitten, and jeered.  Instead of arriving to shouts of “Hosanna!” and “Blessed is He Who comes!” this journey ends with shouts of “Crucify!” and “Cursed is he who came!”  Instead of robes beneath his feet, He will have a robe thrust upon an open, wounded and bleeding back.  The only crown He will receive is one of thorns.  There are no Palm Branches to salute their king, only the rough hewn wood of a tree for His hands and feet. There is no plague to commemorate His work, only a sign that says, “The King of the Jews.”

The Shepherd is struck, the sheep scatter.  He scorns the shame of the Cross, they deny Him.

His Steadfast Love endures forever.


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