On to Georgia

“I knew my call was to Georgia. . .” – George Whitefield, 1740


Nearly three and half centuries ago, perhaps the greatest evangelist to ever walk the soil of America felt called to minister to a frontier, hard, and rural place named for his home Sovereign.  George Whitefield went to Georgia in 1740 despite the concerns of many friends and had a fruitful ministry in the southernmost colony in America. 

Much has changed since Whitfield’s day, but much has not. God is still sovereign, the word must still be preached, and the gospel must go to the nations.  At this point in our lives, Cheryl and I feel that the Lord would have us in a rural place called Meansville in Pike County, Georgia where I will serve as pastor to Meansville Baptist Church.  We begin our ministry Sunday, August 7th.

It is to our regret we have not been able to contact everyone we would like to share with about our newest adventure in life, but we do ask that you do all pray for us, and feel free to contact us, and come see what the Lord is doing in Georgia!

You may find the church website here: http://meansvillebaptistchurch.com/


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