It ain’t Sound Doctrine. . .

I have learned a few things in life, and if you know me, then all the more understandably so.  One is: to love orphans, understand our Heavenly Father’s care for them, and realize that we too, were, in a sense, orphans before we were Adopted.  The second is, always listen to a red head (mostly because I am married to one).  I also love the Word of God.  Put the three together and what do you get? That is right: Anne of Green Gables. These books, about a delightful red headed adopted girl coming of age towards the turn of the century were published by L.M. Montgomery from the years 1908 – 1921 and, among other things, are fraught with matters of faith. The following excerpt is an excerpt from the third book, Anne of the Island.  The chapter is entitled, “Letters from home,” and Anne is reading the letter from a lady by the name of Missus Lynde:

She was at present much worked up over the poor “supplies” they were having in the vacant Avonlea pulpit.

“I don’t believe any but fools enter the ministry nowadays,” she wrote bitterly. “Such candidates as they have sent us, and such stuff as they preach! Half of it ain’t true, and, what’s worse, it ain’t sound doctrine. The one we have now is the worst of the lot. He mostly takes a text and preaches about something else. And he says he doesn’t believe all the heathen will be eternally lost. The idea! If they won’t all the money we’ve been giving to Foreign Missions will be clean wasted, that’s what! Last Sunday night he announced that next Sunday he’d preach on the axe-head that swam. I think he’d better confine himself to the Bible and leave sensational subjects alone. Things have come to a pretty pass if a minister can’t find enough in Holy Writ to preach about, that’s what.

I believe this passage speaks very well for itself, and thought it was worth sharing.  Prophetic? Yes indeed. Lucy Maud Montgomery spoke for her day as well as our own. 


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