On a Wing and a Prayer

I had an opportunity today that many pastors may not have during the week: praying for my flock 1500 – 2500 feet directly over head.   One of the neatest couples you would ever wish to meet, Jorge and Lurene, are retired and thriving and  have been friends of my wife Cheryl since her high school days in World Changers.  Today, Jorge took me up in his little prop-driven plane in Warner Robins, GA and we made the half hour flight to buzz Meansville.  A few reflections on flight: 1) This, more than any other activity reminds me of God’s Sovereignty – I know I am but a feeble man in His hands at all times 2) Everything is quiet from “up there” (except for the engine and propeller), but this gives on perspective on the busyness below. 3) It is just way cool.

 I will not long forget this experience.  Pastors often wish they could be above their problems.  We do not have many to speak of here, but when they come, this will only be helpful.  Often when I pray, I think in pictures.  I can always think back to today.

Jorge and his craft, “The Roadrunner.”

Jorge and I ready for take off.

Coming into Meansville.

Over Church campus.


Close up of Meansville. Left to Right: City Hall, Volunteer Fire Department, MBC Faith Building, MBC main building.


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