A Kind and Benevolent Ruler: Fiddly-de!

He aided the homeless and the injured, he levied a tax for relief and lowered the price of grain to provide food for the impoverished.  In a program of urban renewal he cleared the slums, widened the streets, provided new parks, and insisted on quality construction to insure safety. He was an artist, a musician and a great communicator. His name? Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus or simply Nero. Emperor of Rome: the anti-Christ of his day, one who dressed Christians in animal skins and fed them to wild animals in the Coliseum as well as bathe them in oil to light his banquet feasts, and yes, he fiddled while Rome burned. His actions were precipitated by his own burning of his own capital. He really did “cut off his nose to spite his face” (as illustrated in his bust below).


Benevolence and good policies do not necessarily reveal one’s true heart for humanity.


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