The Path of the Prince

Once upon a time there was a very important Prince, in fact, He was the most important Prince whoever lived.   Just after he was anointed to be King and it was announced who He was he went out into the Wilderness for a long time – over a month! He was there for forty whole days and nights.  While he was there he did not eat or drink anything! You might think of big trees, and briars and moss when you think of wilderness, but where he went there were knee high trees, cacti, rocks – and lions and scorpions and snakes! Oh my! But still, he went into the desert wilderness.  Every time a lion would sneak out and jump at Him, he would stare down that lion, and it would run away like a frightened kitten.  Every snake he saw, he would step right on it’s head.  And to this day, everyone who comes to this wilderness only has to follow the path of the Prince, because there it is safe to tread.

 (this is  a written-out version of what I shared for our children’s sermon based on Mark 1:12 – 13 this past Sunday)


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