A Lesson from the World’s Greatest Sunday School Teacher

My Grandmother Blackmon was once nominated for  a similar title, and could share this honor with countless others. Fewer still are the individuals who could call themselves a Mom, Sunday School Teacher and a Nurse (though there are many I am sure). On this Nurses’ Day, I share some of her words.
My ‘Granny Blackmon’ went back to school at Holmes Community College in order to become a LPN because she simply loved serving and caring for people. I have, in my possession, a little white Gideon’s New Testament that she kept with her on the job. In the little tome is her name, specific scriptures she wrote in the covers for prayer needs and verses to lead others to Salvation. Also intermingled in the pages are prayer lists of patients and their needs, spiritual and physical. In the back cover she wrote this:

Believers in Jesus Christ Walking in the Spirit, will never die early.
True – they may die young. Some of God’s choicest servants died young – But never early!
God decides.
Why haven’t you died yet? God left you on this earth to spread the Gospel, to encourage other believers, to be a blessing,
To Minister.

Thank you Granny for your obedience and ministering even after your earthly pilgrimage.


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