Hudson Taylor on the Bible as the Word of God

HudsonTaylorFor the past few weeks I have been pleasantly plodding through a biographical work entitled, Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission: the Growth of a Work of God. Some books you have to work hard at to find something beneficial for your own soul and practice. This book is dripping with such help on every page. As I commented to a friend, this book is really a book on prayer, and my own prayer life has been greatly enriched just simply reading about the life of Mr. Taylor. However, today, I would like to share with you a priceless gold nugget from a footnote (Yes, always read the footnotes!) in regard to the great prayerful missionary’s view on scripture and its necessity for the work to which God called him:

“It is well to remind ourselves of the close connection that exists between the written Word of God and the incarnate Word of God. We shall never enjoy the one apart from the other. It is through God’s own revelation in the written Word that we really see and know the Word Who was made flesh, and Who rose from the dead. It is through the written Word we shall feed on Him, not through our own speculations. It is important that we bear in mind that as the Incarnate Word is a Divine Person, so it is the written Word a Divine Message; and as we may rest all our soul’s interests on Jesus Christ, so we may rest all our soul’s weight on the Word of God. To be unsettled on the question of inspiration is to be overcome by temptation, and to be unable to accomplish God’s work. The connection between full faith in God’s will as revealed in His written Word and the Incarnate Word is so close and intimate, that you can no more separate them than you can separate between body and soul, or soul and spirit. Begin to separate them, and to study theology instead o the word of God (rathtaylorbioer than as a mere aid in gaining a fuller grasp of it) and it does not make you a weaker rather than stronger you will be fortunate indeed. No! Take God’s Word as it stands, and God’s Christ as He reveals Himself to us, and enjoy all in Him.” (Days of Blessing, pg. 55)

Last week I had the opportunity to answer the question, “What is the Bible?” for a home Bible study. Dr. Taylor’s answer is the answer. May we take heed and rightly handle the Word of Truth as we point to the Truth of the Word.


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