Dear Mississippi


My heart is aching for our country in a way that it has not before and I want to take a few moments to appeal to some of my countrymen I know best. Mississippians, tomorrow is an opportunity to show America just how different you can be. You are my home and native stomping ground with a grand and checkered history. One thing Mississippians of all backgrounds and races have shown America time and time again is that we refuse to be pigeonholed into any category or expectation we are simply not in the mood for.

My hope and prayer tomorrow is that you are not in the mood for Donald Trump. Our home state is often noted in demographic studies as the “most religious state” in the nation. I hope this designation is also accompanied by wisdom and discernment because both of those beg the question as to why anyone could knowingly support someone with the sort of rhetoric and track record this man has maintained not only on the campaign trail but in his business and personal exploits. What was once a laughable “Trump moment” has now become a “Trump movement”.  It is a movement propelled by a seemingly angry and disgruntled group of people who the candidate himself thinks are easy prey (and said as much before making a run).  Watch him, listen to him, and for anyone who has any inkling of an understanding of history you will realize that he has much more in common with a demagogue and right wing fascist than he does the demographic of “right thinking folk” he’s appealing to.  He repeatedly hounds on politicians as saying they have been bought by corporate America. My fellow Mississippians, if you vote for Trump, you have been bought by one of the shrewdest business men in corporate America and it is not a new deal, it’s a bad deal.

An individual who routinely uses profanity on the campaign trail, makes it his business to repeatedly insult people, alludes to male genitalia on a debate stage, makes fun of disabled individuals, does not respect religious liberty, would be quick to shed blood and order others to do so while violating the Geneva convention, maintains a braggadocios bravado, and is often degrading to women is not the sort of person to represent the “most religious state” in the country or our country for that matter. Show America you can be different once more. For those who make Mississippi the “most religious state” in the nation, show us your hopes are not dashed by the one currently in the White House and your hopes are not dependent upon the one who may be coming to the White House, but that your hope rests in the one coming on the White Horse.

Please do not listen to Charles Evers or Willie Robertson. Trump is not the answer. The greatness of America is not dependent on how loud his voice is but the collective voice of the people. Be part of changing the current voice tomorrow.


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