What Now is Right.

I first must say that I have always been treated with kindness by the editor and staff of The Christian Index (the official publication of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board). I have respect for Dr. Gerald Harris as a Christian gentleman. I have disagreed with him in a number of editorials.  I rarely voice those disagreements, simply because an editorial is an editorial.

Dr. Harris’s recent editorial, however, is of a different matter. I have written in defense of the entity head of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Commission, Dr. Russell Moore, a couple of times and one was republished by The Index for which I am grateful. A defense of Dr. Moore is not what I am making today other than to observe he is the subject of Dr. Harris’s interrogative title and the substance of the editorial seems to place the blame at Dr. Moore’s feet that there is virtually no one to vote for this November because Moore so clearly has drawn the line in the sand when it comes to presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

I want to state this very plainly. To those for whom their conscience demands it, It is okay not to vote for Donald Trump this November and not voting for Trumpwhiteflag is not a yes vote to Hillary Clinton. To assume this is a fallacy in basic logic. It is perfectly “American” to vote for a third party, to write in someone else, or to choose not to vote on a candidate or issue.  It is Christian to vote (or not to vote) with a clear conscience.  We are not in Kansas anymore. “Voting Values” does not work when those on the ballot do not even share a basic value of human life whether we are talking about our neighbors or the womb, the tomb, or the bomb. Many simply cannot hold their noses or consciences in check. Our consciences should be captive to the word of God, and to go against a conscience captive to the Word of God is neither right nor safe.  As to surrendering to the “bane and the brutish,” there’s little question that for many, voting for either of these  particular candidates is a white flag. Many are raising that white flag and hastily painting stars and stripes on it at an alarming rate. Rather than surrender to a crumbling party platform, perhaps we should surrender to the stone that crushes every kingdom of man.

Those on the winning side of history do not have to be on the winning side of an election. Those for whom Christ died possess an election that is much more sure and no man can change. Our hopes are not dashed by the one currently in the White House, our hopes are not dependent or destroyed on who may be coming to the White House, our hope is in the One coming on the White Horse. It is to Him we must give an account.



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