Law and Grace at Home

I wrote this over a year and a half ago. Painfully poignant today.

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boypoliceWhen I was a child I remember parents who would scold their children and tell them if they didn’t straighten up that they would tell let that policeman over there to “get em.” I’ve long had a concern that this may cause an unnecessary and even unhealthy fear and distrust of law enforcement officers.

This never happened in our household because “that policeman” was my dad. I had an amazing privilege to grow up in the home of a law enforcement officer who lived (lives) by the standards of honesty, integrity, and justice. He never threatened to “turn me over to that policeman” but instead made sure I was aware of the strap of leather around his waist provided by the state of Mississippi. In my home, my father was the law.

There have unfortunately been periods in our history where law enforcement could not be trusted. The Old West…

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